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here's glenn. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute^ glenn: hello, america. for every action, there is an equal reaction, and we used to call it a consequence but we don't talk about that anymore. republicans who promised americans all kinds of things are sitting on the fence now scratching their heads. we will get into that. first, republican, democrat, does it even matter? i don't know. two, does anyone see through all the lies? and this is the biggest one, should the economists start to build an ark? if you believe this country is great but it is time to crash both parties, stand up! come on! follow me.
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yes, hello, america. there is a lot on our plate today. a lot of people are going to say, oh, gee, he is an anarchist. no, no. i will vote for either party that actually gets the concept of what we used to call consequences. republicans really don't get this. they're playing i don't know what kind of game right now, but they better wake up. they have, for years, been saying, oh, no i am a foot soldier of this guy, yeah, and then they gave us people like this, which i don't see a lot of. one of these is not like the other, do you notice that? america, first let me address the republicans. you have woken a sleeping giant and you are just at the very beginning of finding out the consequences to your trying to make the tent bigger and bigger and bigger, open to all those democrat-like candidates, which i wouldn't have a dem crat if they were
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like these, but they are progressives. i don't like local politics very much. i don't follow, this but i do a national show and i'm watching this one, and not because doug hoffman is all that electric. i mean, he's not really setting the nation on fire with dr. excitement. i don't know that much about him, but i do know i seem to libe, but who knows, am i going to throw my trust at anybody anymore? no. they're all on a leash about this long. here is what doug hoffman said on my radio program today. >> i think i have shown the voters of the 23rd district that i stand up for what i believe in and i'm not persuaded by the party bosses. that's what i intend to be, the congressman that will represent the people of this district and the people of this district are going to be my boss. glenn: if he wins, i hope he never forgets that. he is promising to be a conservative and stay a conservative. he has now taken the lead in
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the polls. i think this race is shining the light on what is to come. we have been talking about it really since we started the 9/12 project, but the g.o.p. continues to not get it. they are taking their political advice, i think, from the "new york times". now, you can learn an awful lot from "the new york times" if you read it. you can find, oh, i don't know, the most current locations of our troops in the field, or, you could, you know, find some lifesaving classified intelligence tactic s that the c.i.a. is using, you know, things like that, but this weekend, i learned something else from "the new york times". sarah palin and i are just like stalin, yes. sarah's connection is obvious, of course. she can see russia from ler window, and her last name ends with alin, but me, i -- well, here is what frank rich said. it is they, beck, palin who, are reenacting stalinism in a
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full-purge mode. they drove out arlen specter -- really? by the way, if you want to give me credit for that, you're welcome, america. and now they want to melt snow. the battle for upstate new york confirms just how quickly the right has turned into whacky paranoid cult that is as eager to eat its own as it is to destroy obama." wow. wier eafer eating our own -- wow, we're eating our own. do i have blood on my cheeks anywhere? that surprises me, because i didn't know i was eating people, but i guess arlen specter is a person, technically. i mean, the guy whose view and party blow the political winds, i'm eating him, huh? the guy who cares more about ethics and nfl coaches than the massive debt that america is piling upen or the ethics in congress and olympia snowe, the conservative who is playing ball in healthcare for i don't even know why, and
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then, of course, the new york republican candidate whose pro choice, pro stimulus, undecided on the public option, and accepted the past endorsements from acorn and the working families party, which is the political arm of acorn. if that is what they use to describe eating your own, then, yep, this big fat fatty is just stuffing my belly, and i got a bigger belly than christie what's his face running for governor there in new jersey. yep, there's plenty of room in the belly. a lot more eating to do, i guess. here is the latest update on our own candidate in the new york 23rd special election. the g.o.p.'s chosen one, dede what's her face said she decided to, for the good of the republican party, drop out of the race. look at this tender moment. >> it is clear that the campaign is lagging. we have had a struggle with finances, and it was time today, i think, to do the
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right thing, which is to release the republican county chair who has stood beside me the entire time and let them do what is best for the republican party. in addition to that, it is important to release my supporters and allow them to make a choice on who they might want to represent in the election on tuesday. glenn: i feel like i'm watching the prince of egypt "let me people go." then, mere hours later, this selfless martyr, who wants nothing but the best for the republican party came out and endorsed the democrat. yes. it is in the spirit that i am writing to let you know that i'm supporting bill owens for congress, and urge you to do the same. whoa! what a shock here! i mean, why would she do that? it could be that there's absolutely no difference anymore between the republicans and the democrats. there is that. other than that, i can't think of a single reason. look at their views.
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they seem to be awfully similar. one is for acorn, and the other accepts the endorsement of acorn. oh. it is what we were presented with last november with john mccain. it is what we get with lindsey graham and arnold schwarzneggar. they're progressives! yet "the new york times" and all these other so-called conservatives in the media, which i believe are the conservatives that we have been following to this whopping 28% glory day of approval, you know, from, et cetera, he says it's people like sarah palin and me destroying the party. they keep using that word. do you remember the movie "the princess bride"? >> that would be inconceivable. as i told you, it would be complete and totally and in all other ways inconceivable. inconceivable! >> inconceivable! >> inconceivable! >> uh-huh.
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they keep saying that we're the ones destroying the party. i do not think it means what they think it means. the party needs to are return to their principles. stop with the political games, return to smaller government, not expand it! get rid of the special interests are. here is a crazyqñ?ñ?ñ? idea! get rid of the corruption in washington! you know, by saying that, i mean don't continue it. you keep using that word. i do not think it means what you think it means. i'm not destroying the republican party. people like sarah palin may actually save the republican party. i, personally, don't care about the republican party. i don't care about the donkey either. i don't think americans care about either party. how about -- this is crazy, this is radical, this is revoluntionary -- how about we just vote for people who want to do the right thing for the country?
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that would never -- i should write that down! we hold people accountable. if that means the party is destroyed by holding people accountable, well, then, shouldn't the party be destroyed? this is one area where i'm pretty firmly pro choice, you know. we should have choices, and options but right now we don't have any options. it is either we can vote for the progressive or the marxist progressive. oh, what to do? what to do? right now, because both the republicans and the democrats have already decided who to pledge their allegiance to, and it ain't you. it is special interests, it's corruption, and it's big money and it's big corporations. it's everybody but you! we're headed down a path, and here is where we're headed. let me show you this. i was thinking about this this morning. america has always had a straight line path, really and it is limited government, maximum amount of freedom. of course, we have the maximum government where there's no
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choice. you know, we're heading there. what happened around 1910 is we decided, hey, we'll become progressives and both the republicans and democrats went, yes. bigger government, because people are just too stupid to figure things out, so they both decided to go and take this route. of course, the republicans were less progressive. they were democrat-like, progressive-like. then reagan came in and said whoa, whoa, whoa, limited government, remember that? then reagan stopped and we went right up here. here is the republicans. here are the democrats. see the choice? it's why the republican can say, yes, i'm going to do what is right for the republican party. vote for the democrat! there's no difference between the two. this is what happened. the tea party happened. this is the point that everybody is missing. we were upset, as republicans -- i'm sorry, as conservatives, we've been
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upset with the republican party this whole time. we think they have been wierd, quite honestly. this is a tea party moment. this is when republicans -- i'm sorry, conservatives said, yeah, i think i'm going to go back to the idea that the founders had and limited government, because it's the only way to preserve freedom, and the only way to get out of corruption. we want something different. we don't care about making the stupid tent inclusive. i don't really care about anybody's tent. may i ask a question? how come it's always conservatives who have to be more accepting, more open minded? nancy pelosi and the the white house are not reaching out and saying hey, glenn, how can we help? no, it is only me that is bull headed and won't do anything and destroying america. not them, just you. it seems to be always one direction. does anyone think that nancy pelosi is reasonable and
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reaching out to people, or how about barack obama? >> i don't want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. i want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. i don't mind cleaning up after them, but don't do a lot of talking. glenn: wait a minute. he was a senator before he became a president, right? yeah, i'm pretty sure he voted for tarp and everything, right? anyway, our tent needs to get bigger and better, yeah, yeah, and if becoming a demagogue or ideologically pure hurts your party, then can you express the success of nancy pelosi and the democratic party? they are the biggest progressives out there. the progressive republicans and the progressive democrats are kicking your butt the. it is the other voice that doesn't have any say in anything. look, i don't care what god you believe in. i don't care what you eat.
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you want to be a big fat, fatty, it's sweet, come join me! you want to be paper thin and don't eat meat, fine! i don't care what car you drive! leave my freedom alone. save just a little bit, just slice a little bit off for when the kids arrive or the grand kids, can we do that? polls in new york think conservative hoffman is their guy after what's her face dropped out. he shot up to a 5 to 17-point lead depending on which poll you look at. this isn't just some crazy conservative district. the people in this district have a more negative opinion of republicans than democrats. they have a slightly negative overall opinion of sarah palin, and she publicly endorsed hoffman. this is a district that just voted for barack obama when they had the option of a republican and a liberal democrat, they voted for the liberal democrat, but now, just about a year later, when faced with a choice of another
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liberal democrat, or another quote, unquote, moderate republican, and the conservative, gee, look who they're leaning towards, they ran the wanna be right right out of the race. hoffman may still lose, but america, the paradigm is shifting. this isn't a message to the republicans. this is a message to the system. listen up. hoffman wins or loses, it doesn't matter f the political parties don't hold themselves accountable, don't stop the out-of-control spending, those who love me, those who hate me, those who love sarah palin, and quite frankly, those who would like to put her in a cave are with really hungry grizzly bear will vote all of you out. we still have the idea that we the people are in charge of this country, not seiu, not any of your special interest friends are. see, gang, in washington, the party is over. in the 1990's, i was on the
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radio warning people about bin laden, not because i was a super smart genius. i just listened to the man's words. i really believed him. but that wasn't the top of the priority list in america, no, no, no. we were dealing with a the fat interns and the definition of is, and i like the rest of america went back to sheep onto terrorist threat. on 9/11, we experienced a feeling we had never had before, when the buildings and the markets and our economy came falling down around our ears. we realized, oh, my gosh, our country isn't unsinkable. we came on that day to the understanding that this republic is frag fragile and here we are now a decade later and i'm on the air again warning thaw america cannot sustain our government's massive spending. the system will collapse if they continue down this progressive path. ten years ago, i could have shouted every single day about
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usama bin laden and his whacky crazy threats to kill americans in new york and nobody would have been willing to stand in line two hours while some security officer made grandma taker her shoes off. no one would have done it, but don't you see, while the government is still not willing to do these things, today america is different. america has changed. washington, we're not going to let you get away with it anymore. look, fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. conservatives are awake. 9/12ers are willing to do the hard things. we know what this means! we're taking time out of our busy lives, taking time away from their families, they're attending town hall meetings. do you think they want to do that? they are calling their representatives. how many times do we have to be yelled at by your people in washington? they are reading 2,000-page healthcare bills on the weekend. 9/12ers are willing to stand in line and take our shoes off before the plane actually hits
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the tower. we are dron trusting the people who ran social security into the ground. we are done trusting those who have grossly mismanaged medicaid and medicare to the tune of $60 billion every year in fraud. thanks but no thanks! we're going to go in a different direction here, and all you politicians, all you politicians who don't want to go there, that's fine, at your own peril, and all you politicians who think you're going to ride the wave of this 9/12 movement, hey, if i can pretend ime like them, i can get elected? really? you go ahead and try it. try to continue the same old stuff, and if you do, you better look out, because not only are r-9/12ers and tea partygoers willing to take off their shoes, they're willing to take off their boots, and they'll put it where the sun doesn't shine. it's easier for women to sue for equal pay and tougher to drill for oil out west. a slew of legislation was
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passed that youooo
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glenn: ok. we were just talking about the shocking things that are going on. i want to talk about who is going to the white house, but i want to continue this conversation that we had off the air here about the a.p. is running a story about a political civil war. >> even if the republicans win tomorrow, says the associated press, it won't solve the republican party problems, because they have all these deep divisions that there is going to be a civil war within the party, as indicated by what happened up in the new york 23 special election. glenn: how can you possibly not get thaw shouldn't be running candidates that are rock with acorn? how can you not get that you shouldn't be running people who are in for big spending
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programs? >> well, i think the republican party leadership finally did get that message because all of the money dried up. dede scozzafava, the backed republican, couldn't get any money so the republican leadership pulled the plug on her, and then you had people like sarah palin come in. they led the field, let people like fred thompson come in, and people like tim pawlenti come in and candidates that stood onto sidelines. glenn: it's amazing to me that they don't understand that there is a revolution happening already, and it's an obama revolution. he has all these revoluntionary marxists in his white house, and the people are just responding. >> glenn, what i have concludedst is that our political leaders are actually for lowers. they sometimes don't know where to go. there is a story of a politician is in his office and looks down and sees a parade and says those are my people, i must get down there
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and lead them. that's what wier we're seeing. tom delay and pork barreling, they just said high spend something the way to spend for the democrats, no, no, no, because they forgot what their base, the average american wants. they are forced to rediscover it. >> i think you won't recognize this political landscape a year from now. i said a year ago that you will not recognize this country by this coming christmas. now, if if you were in a car accident a year ago today, understand you woke up from a coma today, you would not recognize this country already, and there's more to come by christmas. >> glenn, i think the danger to our country is so great, i think we're going to see 1994, except this time it may stick. in other words, the peoples revolution in 1994 that we saw glenn: we're too close to
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losing our entire children's future, so they're not going away. these are the people showing up at the white house. we have people -- >> the family. glenn: the family, if you will. george soros has been visiting barack obama, john podesta. they are the same people, are they not? >> same ideas. glenn: can you get up here or do i need to hold them all up? the working family parties, is really acorn, working family partys is really acorn. >> bertha lewis is co-chair of the working families party and she runs acorn. glenn: and you have seiu, which is really acorn. >> they often share the same office space. they are the single biggest contributor to acorn. >> george soros. >> funds all of these groups. glenn: george soros and john podesta. >> bill clinton's former chief of staff. he runs the think tank for the left wing. >> and for george soros. >> right. glenn: and andy stern, the guy who was the most visiting --
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>> 22 visits in six months. glenn: 22 visits. this is the guy -- do we have the audio of what barack obama tells about andy stern? this tells you everything. you want to know who is really controlling our country? it's this guy. >> politico .com, the mod at publication says that andy stern practically lives at the white house. glenn: that's amazing. do we have the audio? sorry r when i go off script, they're like, glenn, you have 600 different things, glenn. ok. this is really what i think america is rejecting. they're not really rejecting this guy. >> very likable. glenn: yeah, if this guy was just by himself and said i'm a president and i'm like you. >> if i'm a moderate, i won't raise your taxes one thin dime. he was right. it is going to be millions of dimes. glenn: it is not just this guy. americans don't mind voting for somebody, even if it's
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they're somebody, well, i ended up being wrong, they don't mind that. they were told, but they didn't listen what they have a problem is they voted actually for these guys. this guy is really, honestly, he is just a frontman, is he not? >> some people tried to tell america what was in fibber mcgee's closet, all the things that would tumble out, pandora's box. they didn't want to listen because they were so mad at bush and the economy tanked and people were very scared. well, they got changed. they just didn't bargain for this kind of change. glenn: let me show you this seiu clip real quick. >> your agenda has been my agenda in the united states senate before debating healthcare. i have talked to andy stern and seiu members, and before immigration debates are place ed in washington, i talk with seiu members and before before -- glenn: stop, stop.
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let me ask you this -- you have seiu, is acorn, seiu, same office space, which is this, this is the party and & the republican that just got out that was endorsed by the working family, they're all working with seiu, correct? >> yeah. seiu is separate, but they're together. glenn: they're in the same building. >> many times. >> acorn members are also two seiu local heads. glenn: one of these is causing problems now in new jersey, because it looks like we're playing a little game now, because of what corzine did with the voting. you no longer have to -- >> there is no excused absentee voting. you can vote absentee and mail it in, and the number of absentee voters has exploded. there are more absentee votes cast in new jersey in the presidential year when you normally have a hire turnout. here is what has happened.
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3,000 of the absentee votes that came in, the signatures don't match, so what does the democratic party say? it writes the secretary of state and say you should allow them to be provisional ballots and we are seeing in camden, i spoke to two voters today, they never applied for the absentee ballot but somebody has already voted for them. people are going door to door in parts of camden with hispanics that don't have much knowledge of english and saying we have a new way for you to vote. just fill out these papers. glenn: i heard that just outside of camden in a hospital, they're going into hospitals now. >> that's east orange hospital where people have had ties with acorn going in with ballots. new jersey allows to you carry ballots for somebody else, deliver them, have them filled out or assisted and deliver them to the election facility. it's and an invitation to fraud. glenn: washington, you better listen up, and you better listen up! that's why america has a problem with this, all of these people! we didn't vote for these people! we don't want to see them!
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we don't mind if this is the guy who won, we don't mind, but we voted for that guy, not this! acorn is not our way! >> when acorn was exposed with voter registration fraud and with the videos of the pimps and prostitutes we saw the tip of the iceberg. acorn does the dirty work for all these other groups. they do the really bad stuff but the other groups endorse it and fund t glenn: his new book "how the obama station threat tons undermine our elections." john fund, great b
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home. join me in 26 minutes for "special report." now back to glenn. glenn: i want to say that you should have seen this. this is like a herculean moment here. 40 seconds before we went to commercial, i said "i need the chalkboard back." it's amazing. a round of applause for that. i want to announce a change and maybe it is just a change in me, but a change in me is going to mean a change to the program. so i don't know exactly what it means yet, but i'll just tell you that i guess i -- i need some chalk, too. thank you. i was thinking this weekend that if noah was here, if he was around today, that there would come a point where he would just stop trying to
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convince people, hey, guys it's going to rain an awful lot. he probably would say, you want to help, fine. you doonts want to help, fine. i got to go build the ark. the last few weeks i have this feeling, i just know, it you get t i don't need to convince you. if you're here every night, i don't need to convince you that there are people intentionly destroying our country, both on the right and the left. the rain is coming. i think you feel it in your gut. it is time to build an ark. it is time to prepare yourself for some tough times. i don't care what they say about the g.d.p. -- oh, the g.d.t.p. is going up! it's not real! it's from an injection from the government. you know it! do you know a single person that has been telling you, oh, my gosh, we are turning the corner, we're hiring left and right? do you know anybody? is anybody says times are sweet? it's fake. for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. let me say it this way -- for
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every action, there is a consequence. but we don't believe in that anymore. we give all of our trophies to our kids, no matter how much they can be beat. come on. some of our kids are losers. they are great and we love them. they don't deserve the trophy. they lost. but we have convinced ourselves and our kids that there aren't any consequences for anything. i have news for you. there are chron subsequences. -- there are consequences. if i said hey, let's go to the top of the roof and jump off the building, you would do it? no! why? because you know at some point, and it's going to happen quickly, splat, you hit the ground. all right. we all act like, oh, no, you're not going to -- and the consequences have been moved so far down the road that we don't even think of them anymore. right now, if i could make a building tall enough to where it took you a couple of years to hit the ground and go splat, you would have
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americans as they were falling about here saying oh, my gosh, this is great. it was such a breezy day, i can feel the breeze. the breeze has picked up. you're going to hit the ground! no, no, that's just fear mongering, so we all continue to just jump off. oh, this breeze is fantastic. look at the view. we act like there is no tomorrow, but there is. $700 billion just for tarp. $700 billion. they haven't spent it on what they said they were going to spend it. we barely know where it is, and 115 banks have failed just this year. we bailed out g.m.. couldn't lose! couldn't lose all those jobs. we don't want americans to get a boo-boo. now the government owns 60% of general motors. how are the people in detroit repaid? the vice president reopens a g.m. plant in wilmington,
2:38 am
delaware. they're making the plant produce green cars that nobody wants. now the government is looking into injecting more cash into gmac! in 1970, national health expenditures totalled $1,300 per person, 1970. 1, 300 dollars. 7% of our g.d.p. and three decades later we we are now spending $7,421 per person. 16% of our g.d.p. and congress, the budgeter, said in 1965, medicare would cost $12 billion. they were close. it was only $90 billion! that's pretty close. then in 2008, it was $468 billion. we're going ahead with a trillion dollar healthcare budget, with these people? edward markey, the cap and trade bill, he said the bill would only cost you about a postage stamp a day, $175 a
2:39 am
year. well, i love the planet for $17 a. of course, they admittedly ignored the decrease in gross domestic product that could result from the cap. estimates tend to go way up when you look at everything like, oh, there's ground here. now they are saying that it would cost $161 billion in 2020, which is $1,800 per person. the bill's restrictions kick in, but that number rises to 6824 by 2035. well, i hope your kids have a sweet, sweet job on the horizon. government spending was 28% of g.d.p. this year, 28. that's almost three times more than f.d.r. spent during the 1930's with the new deal. are you ready to go roof jumping yet? if you didn't have a problem with tarp or the stimulus,
2:40 am
it's because you didn't see the consequences because no one is telling you the real consequences and then they added more money. then there is more to come. we're at the point now where we are looking right at the pavement. wow! there's no such thing as a free market. they now have control of everything, or soon will. stick around, america, because in the coming months, i'm changing. i'm sensing you are, too. i think you know it's time to build an ark. because the rain is coming. back in a second. >> a big fat kiss for trial lawyers. what nancy pelosi has hidden in the
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glenn: the government is trying to fix healthcare, and i think the fix is in. i think anybody reasonable would scai, hey, before you try to fix healthcare, why don't you look at medicare and medicaid, because they're wildly out of control, right? their their combined budgets are $700 billion. grab on to yourself. that is bigger than the defense budget. our savings are supposed to come from cutting $17 billion from pled cade in the next five years that. doesn't even count the fraud that nobody is paying attention to. they always keep talking about the big bad insurers. they made a $2 -- a 2.2% profit. that's a slim profit margin, and that's over the entire
2:45 am
system, while medicare and medicaid have lost $60 billion in fraud. that's what we know of. may i ask you what i think is a reasonable question, america? if you were serious about cleaning up the waste, wouldn't you, you know, do that first before taking on another healthcare job? wouldn't you, i don't know, at least appoint a head of the medicare or medicaid program? this president hasn't done that yet. did you know that? why didn't you know that? why aren't people telling you this? kevin williamson is the deputy managing editor for the national review. kevin. i was thinking about this as a businessman. if i was going to take over a company and i was going to say, ok, i got to cut a lot of expenditure out there, i would at least have my own guy in there to evaluate how bad the situation is. >> yeah. there is nobody in charge. i think you're right about
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that. they don't want to evaluate how bad the situation is. glenn: right. >> it is a bad bad steward at medicare and medicaid and social security. they have about half the federal budget t is a huge group of programs. it is going to get bigger and bigger over time, and the amount of fraud, waste, abuse, it is outright crime and theft going on in the programs is unreal, but what is almost as bad are the things that are dron that are rim proper but not strictly speaking illegal. you know, when joe wilson got himself all bent out of shape when he said "you lie" to president obama about this covering illegal aliens. he wasn't lying. medicaid was bound to found to e spending billions covering illegal aliens and they were doing that because they are empowered to spend money on illegals if it's an emergency condition like if a woman goes to a emergency room to deliver a baby. they took that example and decided that breg nancy in jen
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wall in general was an emergency condition and then paid for prenatal vitamins and everything. glenn: this is why i have told you that you cannot let any bill pass. they get their foot in the door and this is cass sunstein's specialality. it is just tweaking things a bit and he will open these things up and it is done. >> it doesn't matter who is in the bill. it happens what happens administratively years and years after the fact. glenn: do you think it is why they find abortion and this in all of this because they will say oh, you were going to cut all that out, because it looks like they are being more reasonable, but what the average american doesn't seem to get, or maybe the republicans do get it, is doesn't matter. once you pass this bill, it's over. >> yeah, every bureaucracy is dated. once you get the bureaucracy there won't ad-lib tearian bureaucracy out there.
2:48 am
all that matters is you get the program out there and then you can shape it any way you want t glenn: michele bachmann was on my radio program and she was asking people to come to washington thursday at noon and listen to jon voight and go into the capitol and go face to face with their representatives. i got calls from people all over the country saying i'm coming, i'm going to do it! do you think that makes any difference? >> no, i don't think so. i really don't think so at all. i think washington is so insulated. even this year coming up in the next set of elections, there is a great deal of dissent with the tea party movement and the rest of it. that real money that you will see, 90% odd percent of incumbents will be re-elected. once you're in office, it's hard to get rid of
2:49 am
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glenn: america, this is going to make blood shootd shoot out of your eyes. there is a group of people who have been very quiet about health insurance. lawyers. hmm. i haven't heard anything from the lawyers.why is that? kevin williamson, deputy managing editor for "the national review," why haven't we heard from the lawyers? >> because they're getting bought off, and they're going to make a lot of money off of this. all their interests have been protected all the way across. there is no group, no doctors no, insurance company, not anyone else who has done as well as this health reform business as the lawyers will. >> what are they going to get astronaut government will stop states from wren acting tort reform that will put limits on their earnings on medical liability plans. glenn: excuse me? >> a lot of states have been after tort reform where they put caps on how big of awards can be put on for pain and suffering. there is no cap on actual
2:53 am
damages. the lawyers, of course, make lots and lots of money off the non-economic damages, so what the government is going to do is establish these grants in nancy pelosi's version of the bill and they will provide money for alternatives to liability lawsuits, but if you take the money, you can't enact any actual tort reform. glenn: let me switch gears here. i have told you, america, that this guy a magician, he's david copperfield. what have they been doing since we have been watching healthcare? >> they have been sneaking all sorts of stuff into legislation. we increased the budget by the national endowments for the arts by a third, several billion dollars. we set aside $5 billion for community organize organizing for acorn and groups of that sort. even in the healthcare bill, we've got money set aside for veterinarians so we will be taking dogs in the healthcare bill, too. we snuck through a hate crimes bill, and the military defense policy, and what else have we done?
2:54 am
we set aside a couple million acres of land you can't develop oil on in the land use bill. and the net neutrality rule as well, all sorts of stuff that has nothing to do with the legislation and is attached to it if enacted. glenn: net neutrality in stimulus or healthcare? >> in the stimulus bill. glenn: that's great. you know what? and they wonder why, and the republicans wonder why we're upset as americans. i mean, look, you've got, what is it, 53% of americans, 55% of americans don't want this. 80% of americans like the healthcare they have. they can't guarantee that you're going to be able to keep your healthcare and nobody believes that they can! 35% of americans wanted this healthcare. 35. they're going to jam it down our throat whether we say no or not. what kind -- when did we turn a path here to not even resembling america?
2:55 am
>> yeah, well, all this stuff is just a sneaky way to get legislation done. they drop these enormous bills that are thousands of pages and no one has time to read them, and all the promises about putting this on-line and making it available for debailts. they were supposed to put the healthcare debates up on c-span and none of it has happened. none of it is going to happen. glenn: it is supposed to pass the house this friday and then it goes to harry reid and they think he will use the nuclear option. i think he will. like vegas, seiu, acorn, they threw it to obama, they are the ones an vegas is the place where change for hillary clinton. >> what will happen is the nuclear option, the reconciliation process is not just for healthcare. they will pack other stuff in there including the energy bill and other things. ne are hoping for one big bill in a normal legislative process. glenn: america, it's going to be quite a week, and you haven't even heard what we have planned for friday.
2:56 am
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2:59 am
glenn: a very special show friday with one of the most underrepresented groups in america. who could it be? trust me. you don't want to miss friday's program. a lot of people will be talking about this one for quite some time. from new york, good night, america, and good night, mrs. dunn! wherever you are!

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